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Meinte Boersma

I can of some other reasons:

First, big ISV players have to cater for a large business audience (or they think they have to to make it worth their while) and developing a useful/-able, meaningful model-driven targeting such an audience is really, really difficult. Think of how few really mature IDE's (1 for the .NET ecology, essentially 3 for the Java ecology -I don't count vim/Emacs + a command line compiler as an IDE, btw) and mature Office workbenches (essentially 2: Microsoft + OpenOffice and derivatives) are around. And those thinks are relatively easy compared to a business-oriented, model-driven tool.

Second, ISV's often develop IDE's for their own use: Eclipse was started largely from within IBM for RAD and VisualStudio by Microsoft. But MDSD is not suitable for all software: the amount of commonality (vs. variability) and homogeneity more or less governs whether MDSD is an economic proposition. Re-use across projects also requires commonality and homogeneity to be the same (to a large degree) across projects. So, it's two big steps moving from local/ad hoc technologically-oriented solutions to a business-oriented, model-driven workbench.

In practice, I expect such tooling to grow from small ventures who can afford to evolve quickly against actual customers without the need to put out a product that is "good (enough) for everyone".

Walter Almeida

Hello Meinte,

Thanks for your insightful comments:)

Yes can't agree more: it is very hard to build a model-driven platform that targets a huge user base. And the big players' success becomes in such a scenario a handicap. At least for the first versions of the platform.

So it quite makes sense that small ventures are the leaders in this market.

You'll find other feedback on this topic on the model driven software network : http://www.modeldrivensoftware.net/forum/topics/the-new-goldenegg-modeldriven

freelance writer

wow!!! this is great job!!!! congratulations!

Ashton Kutcher

First of all, even though we have been hearing about model-driven development for many years now, a full model-driven / model-centric process is still quite a new approach and you see only a few companies largely adopting it. And main reason is we just start to having matured enough technologies and practices to enable a really efficient model-driven approach. And it is now that model-driven tool vendors of today are competing for being the big players of tomorrow!

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