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@Walter : thanks for reposting. The issue with the "pre" tag is that in the Typepad editor, if you are in "rich text" mode, the Editor will escape the pre tags with lt; and gt; stuff...

At least it does that for me ! Have you a better working editor ? I'd be interested to see what you get.

About the "code" tag : indeed it doesn't look good in Internet Explorer. I'll try to fix it

Walter Almeida

Thanks for your answer. Yes I did reproduce this very annoying problem with the pre tag on TypePad...

I unfortunately don't have a better editor. Still I am staying with the pre tag as the result is still better than the code tag problem on Internet Explorer...

I have submitted an issue on alex gorbatchev web site but still no answer.

If you manage to fix the problem I will be very happy to hear your results!

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