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John Rushton

Walter, I like your blog very much indeed and what you have to say, it's uplifting, airy, bright and full of great positivity. It's also very pertinent to today when so many people "absorbe" the regurgitated negative bias that the press and media churn out continually. Whatever happens to economies life still continues, and if nothing else we can control ourselves - we have that within us regardless of what happens around us. Being unhappy and sad is the quickest way to failure, depression, isolation and to lose direction, focus, clarity and above all purpose in life. When people "herd" together and share misery it ends up being a formula for self destruction each one feeding on the negativity of the other (becoming emotional vampires)and thus together they all lose the plot. Whereas those that rise above it with original thought, a positive outlook and real love in their hearts see the bigger picture and as such always see ways out, solutions, ideas, and are never at a loss as to finding something good to say, hear, feel, share and enjoy. Life's what you make it, once you admonish responsibility by blaming everyone else (blame culture) or circumstances you are in effect saying "I have no control in life" and when you do that life will just drag you along whether you like it or not. So if you end up where you don't want to be it's your own fault. You can argue what you like as to how life is or was or is going to be but you have FULL control of how you enjoy the journey, no one else. You live in your own skin, no one else, your thoughts are solely yours. What you do or say or think comes from your mind, always. If you chose to talk like a parrot and copy what others say then you'll lose the ability to think for yourself, and what others do which may be good for them doesn't mean it will be good for you. If you think that you've lost already,you probably have. Reaspect yourself and think for yourself and above all don't talk negatively, keep your heart light, warm and with love in it, and see the difference. Negative people reading this will have endless excuses and objections, positive people reading this will feel rejuventated, uplifted and ligher, and there lies the difference.. Attitude is EVERYTHING in life...

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